July 30, 2007

A giant leaves this world: Ingmar Bergman (1918-2007)

Few directors can be considered genious of their art, but Ingmar Bergman was one of those. The legendary Swedish director of immortal films such as "Det Sjunde inseglet" ("The Seventh Seal"), "Persona" and "Viskningar och rop" ("Cries and Whispers") has died in his house after a long life dedicated to cinema. The BBC doesn't mention a specific cause for his death, but it's kind of obvious that it was simple natural causes. While it is always sad that a master of his talent has left this world, we can be thankful for the many movies this incredibly talented filmmaker gave us during his long career. We can be sure now that Ingmar Bergman has found the answers to the questions he often pondered in his films.

Rest in peace, Master.

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Paxton Hernandez said...

No! Sniff!! Estoy en shock.

Pero sí que descanse el paz el Maestro.

p.d. me ganaste el homenaje jeje.

p.d.2 el otro día que me dí una vuelta por la IMdb vi tu profile y ví elecciones atípicas en tus top tens fílmicos, sobre todo de los 90s. Me parecieron excelentes.